Scaffolding Sales & Access Suppliers – Belfast & Dublin Depots


Safety in solutions and reliability of supply is one hot topic in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Many companies and contractors have found themselves with a less than reputable source of supply – which is especially the case when it comes to refurbished scaffolding for sale.

Norscaff guarantee 100% safety of supply in all scaffolding systems, packages and products. System scaffolding or tube and clip scaffolding available refurbished, has been shot blasted, inspected and stringently tested to ensure complete structural stability. We ensure all scaffolding, be that new or refurbished has full documentation, detailing when it was manufactured, repaired or reconditioned, where is manufactured repaired or reconditioned and what safety standards it conforms to.

Over the decades Norscaff has developed a highly reputable network, which fully supports us, as we do them. In doing so, we have the unique on-demand ability to provide our customers with a range of market leading alloy towers, ladder systems, fencing and barrier solutions alongside scaffolding systems – at highly competitive prices, catering for local, national and international customers.


Scaffolding Packages

When looking for scaffolding it’s not always a straightforward process. We know only too well just how much time is money, sometimes having a clear cut cost for exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less is exactly what you want.

For that reason, Norscaff provide complete-kit scaffolding packages. We know one-size never fits all, so have developed a quick selection shopping list of the most common components companies and contractors look for when seeking scaffolding.

Simply select the scaffolding system of your choice, Norscaff supply three of the most commonly used types, Kwikstage, Cuplock and Tube and Clip systems. Once we receive your enquiry, which shows us only what you need, we personally contact you with a complete cost, delivery timeline and discuss any other requirements you may have, which we can cater for.

Alloy Scaffold Towers

Many times contractors and companies need a variety of access depending on the task at hand and of course, the project and environment.

Alloy scaffold towers are an ever-popular and convenient choice catering for a wide range of industries and sectors. Norscaff work hand-in-hand with one of the UK’s leading scaffold tower manufacturers to provide our customers with premium scaffold tower solutions, without the premium price tag.

Scaffold Boards

Scaffold boards supplied and available from Norscaff range from Kwikstage boards to Cuplock and Omega Cuplock boards to Tube and Clip boards.

Manufactured in line with all BSI legislation and regulations alongside being kitemark stamped.

Scaffolding Ladders

Norscaff supply a range of ladder access systems catering for scaffolding and construction environments. Ranging from; wide step ladders, aluminium ladders and glassfibre ladders to extension ladders, roof ladders and scaffolding ladders.

Ladders supplied by Norscaff are available to our customers at competitive costs, with safety in solutions and longevity of life – guaranteed.

Fencing and Barriers

Fencing and barriers available from Norscaff consist of temporary fencing panels and one-piece barriers.

Fencing panels are available with or without a center bar and come complete with all required fencing accessories. Manufactured from high grade, industrial aluminium resulting in a super-lightweight, secure and robust temporary containment system.

Barriers provided and supplied by Norscaff are also manufactured from super-lightweight aluminium. Designed with simplicity and speed of installation at the forefront.