Composite Plastic Boards

For those wanting a long-lasting alternative to Timber Planks and Scaffold Boards, we are able to offer Composite Plastic Boards.  

We are proud to be a supplier of Tilon Composites Boards.  We have been stocking them for many years now and they are constantly used in Food Manufacturers and Clean Room Situations due to their excellent performance characteristics, such as high strength and resistance to environmental degradation. Tilon are also the only manufacture in the UK that manufactures Scaffold Boards using over 95% recycled waste products in its manufacturing process. 

Sizes are as follows:

3900mm x 220mm x 45mm – 13’

3000 x 220 x 45mm – 10’

2400 x 220 x 45mm – 8’


They are also able to be cut to the exact length required and the Rubber End Caps can be re-inserted.  They are an incredibly versatile addition to your scaffolding stock.