Ancillary Items

We also stock a full range of Ancillary Items that are required to make Scaffolding as safe, secure and stable as possible.

M16 Scaffold Restraint Bolt

M16 Drop-in Anchors

M12 Ring Ties - 120mm, 230mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm & 500mm

M14 Mungo Plugs – 70mm & 100mm

M10 x 100mm Throughbolts

M12 x 100mm Throughbolts

M16 x 120mm Throughbolts

Scaftags – 20 Inserts, 10 Tags & 2 Pens

Ladder Tags - – 20 Inserts, 10 Tags & 2 Pens

Safety Signs – Full Range Available

Sign Board Frames

Builders Trestles

Builders Trestles

Plasterer’s Trestles

Rubbish Chutes – Top Hopper, Side Hopper, Side Entry Chutes & Hopper Fixing Bracket

Box Section Stillages – 900mm x 900mm x 600mm

Box Section Stillage Bins – 900mm x 900mm x 600mm

Stillage Feet

Brickguards – Built in Toeboard Clip

Fitting Bags

Plastic Tredda Plates

Base Plates

Ginn Wheel

K-Stage Castors

Cuplock Castors

Debris Netting – 50m x 2m & 30m x 3m

Spanclad / Monarflex – 45 x 2m & 45m x 2m Fire Retardant

Cable Ties

Bungee Ties

Loading Bay Gates

These are available in 2 different designs. 

Swingout Design – Fully Galvanized

W-Gates – Suitable for K-Stage, Cuplock & Tube & Fitting