Galv Steel-stage Planks

For those wanting a long-lasting alternative to Timber Planks and Scaffold Boards, we are able to offer Galvanized Steel-stage Planks.  

The Galv Steel-stage we stock have a finished material thickness of 1.8mm ensuring they are some of the strongest boards on the market and are braced correctly.  They are also perforated from below to ensure they have a suitable grip in bad weather.  We have these available for K-Stage and the Cuplock Omega System in the absolute correct sizes to suit the different widths of Transoms on each application.

Sizes are as follows:

K-Stage Galv Steel-stage

2430mm x 230mm x 63mm – 8’

1810 x 230 x 63mm – 6’

1250 x 223 x 63mm – 4’2”

Cuplock Omega Battens

2450mm x 235mm x 58mm – 8’

1750mm x 235mm x 58mm – 6’

1250mm x 230mm x 63mm – 4’2”