Apollo X-Beams & Stair threads

Norscaff has prided itself on ensuring that we only deal with the Best Manufacturers & Suppliers for all the items we sell.  When the Industry starting specifying 750mm X-Beams we knew there was only one Manufacturer that would supply goods that were exactly what we needed and that is Apollo Scaffold Services, Barnsley, UK.

Over the past number of years we have built up such a good relationship with Apollo, we are now there Sole Distributor for their 750mm X-Beams &Stairthreads in Ireland.  This is something that we are very proud to have achieved and in-turn we stock a large amount of these items, ready to be delivered within a few days from order.

What is a 750mm X-Beam?

X-Beams are a lightweight alternative to traditional style scaffolding beams. They possess an unsurpassed weight to strength ratio thanks to their unique frame design that means less beams per job.

The X-Beam's quick fit connecting system using spring clips and spigots also means easy assembly, yet another advantage over traditional style scaffolding.

750mm X-Beam specification

Less beams required per job
β–·  Larger spans for less money
β–·  Reduced labour and installation time
β–·  Lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres available
β–·  Overall depth - 750mm (centre to centre)
β–·  Weight 8kg/m
β–·  Conforms to BS8118 (Section 3) & BS EN 1999-1-1
β–·  Independent Engineers report verification
β–·  Monthly proof load testing of random sample beams
β–·  Easy to transport and handle

Currently we stock the following Sizes

750mm X-Beams







900mm - Anodized

1050mm - Anodized

1220mm - Anodized

1500mm – Powdercoated HI-Vis

Specifications & Technical Data available on request.