Scaffold Fittings

We stock a full range of Couplers available in Pressed Steel or Drop-Forged (where applicable) and we also stock some very specialized couplers, including one in particular that we have the Sole Distributorship for in Ireland.

Our stock is as follows:


Single Couplers: Pressed & Drop-Forged

Double Couplers: Pressed & Drop-Forged

Swivel Couplers: Pressed & Drop-Forged

Board Retaining Clamp

Girder Coupler: Fixed & Swivel

Limpet Clamps

Sleeve Couplers

Band & Plate

Oyster Couplers

Joint Pins

Toeboard Clips

Stairthread Couplers

Corrugated Roofing Couplers

Hook Couplers – Internal & External

Tamer Fittings

Scotti Transom Ties

Coupler Covers

Nut Caps