Tube and Clip Scaffolding Package

Tube and clip scaffolding package, supplied and available from Norscaff is available in any quantity, large or small – tailored by you, to meet your exact requirements. We supply all types of scaffold fittings alongside various types of scaffolding tube. If you require additional tube and clip scaffolding supplies and components not shown below, please list your requirements in the “additional details” section below.


  • Please select the quantity of tube and clip components required in your package.
    21 ft Tubes16 ft Tubes13 ft Tubes10 ft Tubes8 ft Tubes 
  • 6 ft Tubes5 ft TubesSingle CouplersDouble Couplers (P /DF)Sleeve Couplers 
  • Internal JointersSwivel Couplers (P/DF)Girder CouplersSwivel Girder CouplersBoard Retaining Clamps 
  • Limpet ClampsHoarding CouplersYellow Treda Plates (Plastic)Band & PlateBase Plates 
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