Trade Glassfibre Swingback Stepladders

Norscaff supply our customers with the Trade Glassfibre Swingback Stepladders, designed to be used frequently within trade environments where electrical hazards are present. Manufactured and certified to British safety standard BSEN131, these ladders feature nonconductive properties due to their glassfibre construction.

The Trade Glassfibre Swingback Stepladders also feature; high strength aluminium side arms, a rigid box section incorporated into the back legs, K straps and cross braces. Alongside a unique high strength beam – fabricated into ultra-grip, non-slip treads.



The Trade Glassfibre Swingback Stepladders as available and supplied by Norscaff Northern Ireland and Norscaff Ireland have been designed for frequent trade use, within areas electrical hazards are present. These ladders feature nonconductive properties.


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