Telecoms Ladders Aluminum

Norscaff have available and supply for sale the Lyte Aluminum Telecoms Ladder, manufactured from ultra-lightweight aluminium, certified to British safety standard BS2037 Class 1. This ladder has been specifically designed for British Telecoms linesmen to be used when working on telegraph poles and streetlights.

This ladders uniquely designed aluminium butterfly rungs, designed to provide optimum balance at the top of the ladder. Featuring; lashing rope and double safety catch alongside nylon rollers being fitted to the bases and middle sections permitting ease of operation.



The Lyte Telecoms ladder as supplied by Norscaff Northern Ireland and Norscaff Ireland, is designed to be used frequently within trade and industrial environments. Equipped with a lashing rope system and butterfly rung detail, providing optimal balance for use when working on telegraph poles or street lamps.