Scaffold Fittings

Norscaff Belfast, Dungannon and Dublin stock and supply a wide range of scaffold fittings ranging from; single couplers and double couplers to board retaining clamps and swivel couplers. All Norscaff depots now also stock and supply the Klawz double coupler.


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    Single CouplersDouble CouplersSwivel CouplersSleeve CouplersJoint Pins 
  • Board Retaining Clamps – Tube & FittingLimpet Clamps – Tube & FittingBoard Retaining Brackets – Tube & FittingKlawz FittingHalf Couplers 
  • Internal JointersSwivel Couplers (P/DF)Girder CouplersSwivel Girder CouplersBoard Retaining Clamps 
  • Girder CouplersSwivel Girder CouplersOyster Couplers 
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