Kwikstage Scaffolding Package

Norscaff supply Kwikstage system scaffolding, available fully galvanised or painted. Kwikstage is available as a complete-kit package, tailored to your own specific requirements. If you require additional Kwikstage scaffolding supplies, components or accessories such as loading towers, trap door safety hatches etc that are not shown below, please detail in the “additional information” section.


  • Please select the quantity of Kwikstage components required in your package.
    9'x 9" Standards6' x 6" Standards3' - 3" Standards8 ft Ledgers 
  • 6 ft Ledgers4 ft Ledgers4' - 2" Transoms2' - 8" Transoms1' - 10" Transoms 
  • Ladder Access TransomsReturn Transoms12 ft Braces9 ft Braces6 ft Brace 
  • 1 Board Brackets2 Board Brackets3 Board Brackets8 ft Tie bars6 ft Tie bars 
  • 4 ft Tie BarsAdjustable Base JacksSwivel Base JacksKwikstage Castors 
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