Glass fibre Telecoms Ladder

The Glassfibre Telecoms Ladder supplied and available from Norscaff is certified to safety standard BSEN131 and part certified to ANSI A14.5 – 1982. Designed and engineered specifically for British Telecoms linesmen working within areas electrical hazards are present.

This ladder features a unique aluminium butterfly run which provides unrivalled balance and support at the top of the ladder. The Glassfibre Telecoms Ladder is fitted with a double safety catch alongside a lashing rope, ease of operation nylon rollers are also fitted to bases and middle section of the ladder, permitting complete ease of operation with minimal effort.



The Glassfibre Telecoms Ladder is specifically designed to be used by those working in British Telecoms Linesmen environments or similar, where electrical hazards are present. Alongside, being designed to be used frequently in heavy duty, industrial environments.