Cuplock Scaffolding Package

Cuplock scaffolding supplied by Norscaff is available as a complete-kit package, tailored by you to meet your exact requirements. We supply both new and fully refurbished Cuplock alongside fully galvanised or painted systems. Should you require┬ácomponents or accessories not shown below, please note the details within the “additional information” section.


  • Please select the quantity of Cuplock components required in your package.
    3 Mtr Standards2 Mtr Standards1 Mtr Standards2.5 Mtr Ledgers1.8 Mtr Ledgers 
  • 1.3 Mtr Ledgers0.9 Mtr Ledgers1.3 Mtr Omega Transoms1.3m I/Mediate Transoms1.3m I/Mediate Transoms + 1 
  • 1.3m I/Mediate Transoms + 22.5 X 2.0 Diagonal Brace1.8 x 2.0 Diagonal Brace1 Board Hop Ups2 Board Hop Ups 
  • 3 Board Hop Ups1 Board Omega Brackets2 Board Omega Brackets3 Board Omega Brackets 
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