Galvanised Kwikstage now available direct from Ireland

June 29 2017

Galvanised Kwikstage supplied by Ireland’s leading scaffolding sales specialist Norscaff, now available.

Kwikstage remains one of Ireland’s most commonly used types of system scaffolding. Galvanised Kwikstage has became a popular choice, due to its low-maintenance galvanised finish.

Painted Kwikstage remains popular, however as times progress the market and demand for  galvanised Kwikstage has increased rapidly. Galvanised Kwikstage, albeit more costly to invest in does return in investment when compared to the maintenance costs faced with a painted system.

Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Packages – Direct from Ireland

Due to popular demand, Norscaff have in stock and available for sale – large quantities of fully galvanised Kwikstage, complete-kit galvanised scaffolding packages are also available.

Norscaff based in Dungannon, Belfast and Dublin have the ability to provide immediate dispatch and next day delivery.

Norscaff supply Kwikstage with both painted and galvanised options available. All Kwikstage scaffolding supplied and available from Norscaff meets with all relevant ISO legislation.

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