Cost Effective, Complete-Kit Scaffolding Packages

March 11 2017

Norscaff based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland and Hillsbourgh, Ireland provide our customers with cost effective, complete kit scaffolding packages.

Simplicity in supply at cost effective prices sounds pretty straightforward, that said – it’s not always easy to find. That’s where Norscaff come into a league of our own, we could make things fancy, offering everything there is to offer, but we don’t.

We’ve chosen to keep things simple and provide our customers with exactly what they want, no complications – just the kit they need at a realistic, competitive price.

The Scandinavians have it nailed when it comes to simplicity and affordability, take for example the IKEA business model. Providing customers with exactly what they want, at reasonable, affordable prices.

Difference with Norscaff is, albeit the obvious fact we supply scaffolding and scaffolding supplies, is our products are manufactured and refurbished to meet and exceed HSE and ISO standards and legislations.

We only supply quality, safety guaranteed access equipment and scaffolding, everything we supply comes with full documentation as to where is was manufactured, reconditioned and what safety standards it conforms to. Alongside a medley of verification tests and documentation which are conducted on all refurbished equipment.

Complete Kit Scaffolding Packages

One of our most popular products is in fact one that consists of many. As strange as that sounds, it’s true. We’ve made our mark and continue to do so through keeping things realistically priced and simple.

Time is money, there’s no denying that, so in providing “complete-kit scaffolding packages” our customers can quickly select what they want included, and we customised to meet their exact requirements.

We provide almost everything and anything that is non-mechanical in terms of scaffolding and access systems, from some of the UK’s most reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

There are times customers may require items such as loading towers or scaffolding safety products, of which we can supply.

Once we receive an enquiry for a scaffolding package, alongside any additional items that may be required. Norscaff personally follow up with a courtesy call, ensuring we have all details correct to proceed with an accurate price, with or without delivery.

We won’t be beaten on price, quality or service – we are always on hand for any advice or support, no matter how small or large your order or enquiry may be.

Norscaff offer our customers three of the most commonly used types of scaffolding, including;


We also provide a range of system specific scaffolding boards, alongside any additional accessories such as temporary fencing, barriers and ladder access systems, your project may require.

More Details

If you’d like to discuss your next scaffolding project and see just how competitive Norscaff is against your current supplier, contact us for a rapid response quote on – 028 8776 7126 | 028 9268 9529 or email us at;

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