Galvanised Kwikstage – Arrived and Available for Immediate Dispatch

July 26 2017

Norscaff Ireland have in stock and available for immediate dispatch, large quantities of galvanised kwikstage.

Galvanised kwikstage has became a popular upgrade for many who prefer the kwikstage system. Ireland has always been a popular user of kwikstage, with galvanised kwikstage becoming the prefered system of choice.

Galvanised kwikstage compared to painted kwikstage, provides long-term cost savings due to being fully galvanised, maintenance is much less than what would be for painted kwikstage.

The costs of galvanised kwikstage are slightly higher than the painted version. However, does hold long-term cost savings on maintenance and repair.

Painted kwikstage – finished in a protective paint finish does have the ability to be branded to a company’s identity, although holds maintenance costs in shot blasting, painting and repair – that galvansied kwikstage does not.

Painted kwikstage is cheaper on the initial purchase, however does inherit future costs in essential maintenance and repair.


Norscaff Galvanised Kwikstage – Arrived

Norscaff always have a plentiful stock of system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and scaffolding packages available for our customers.

As many customers will be aware we have been waiting on large quantities of kwikstage arriving and are pleased to state, fully galvanised kwikstage packages and galvansied kwikstage of any quantity are now available for immediate dispatch.


Guaranteed Next Day Delivery

Norscaff guarantee our customers north and south of Ireland next day delivery – on all orders, of all quantities. For customers based in the UK, Norscaff can supply any quantity large or small within 36-72hrs, throughout the UK.

All system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and accessories supplied and available from Norscaff have been manufactured in line with all ISO and HSE regulations and legislation. All scaffolding systems are supplied with full documentation.


Galvanised Kwikstage – Quote Me!

Norscaff have grown to become one of Ireland’s leading scaffolding sales specialists, with three fully stocked and ready to supply depots based in Dungannon, Belfast and Dublin.

We make it our mission to keep competitive and provide some of the best rates available for guaranteed safety of supply. If you’d like to see just how competitive Norscaff are, contact us for a galvansied kwikstage quote email us at – or call us on – 028 8776 7126.