Norscaff Fencing: Palisade, V-Mesh, 868 Fence Panels & Barriers

February 27 2019

Norscaff depots now stock and supply a full range of fencing, including; Palisade Fencing and V-Mesh Fencing. In addition to, Temporary Fencing Panels and Safety Barriers – available to customers north and south of Ireland.

Norscaff are well-known as one of Ireland’s leading scaffolding suppliers. We’ve made it our mission to remain cost-competitive and customer focused for over 20 years.

If you have an event, project or any type of premises that requires a secure, permanent containment system or temporary fencing and barriers – contact Norscaff for a rapid response quote, guaranteed to be cost-competitive.


Palisade Fencing

Permanent Security Fencing

Palisade fencing, also known as devils fork fencing or pailing fencing is installed as a permanent type of fencing, generally used for security – as a defense structure, regarded as a top of line security fencing system.

Palisade fencing is made from cold rolled steel rails (pales), which are attached to horizontal-running rails. Connected to vertical steel joists, featuring a W type fork located at the top of each vertical rail.

This type of design and construction results in a sturdy barrier, featuring an anti-climb design. Palisade fencing is an ideal solution for security, creating a robust steel containment system – popular with commercial, industrial and public areas, where access is prohibited.

Norscaff, as suppliers of galvanized steel Palisade fencing, is available finished in either green or black powder coating.


V-Mesh Fencing

Permanent Security Fencing

V-Mesh Fencing is another popular type of permanent security fencing, which also features an anti-climb design. This type of fencing is also regarded as top of line security fencing. Providing many of the attributes Palisade fencing does, at a more cost effective price.

V-Mesh fencing is manufactured from robust pre-galvanized steel wire, designed with a V shape pressed, at time of manufacture. This type of design increases rigidity, stability and strength.

V-Mesh fencing, due to its design is incredibly difficult to cut with tools, alongside being exceptionally resilient to attack such as – someone driving a car at speed, to break through the fence. V-Mesh fencing is a popular choice for many commercial and industrial premises, alongside public sectors and governmental environments, such as prisons.

This is due to the security this type of fencing provides, alongside the clear view through the fence, gained by the design.

Norscaff depots provide V-Mesh fencing available in powder coated finishes of green and black.


868 C Twin Wire Fencing

Permanent Security Fencing

868 C Twin Wire Fencing is another premium type of security fence system. Popular with commercial, industrial and public sectors, this type of fencing system is designed for permanent installation.

The mesh 868 fencing panel is manufactured from galvanized steel wires, that are then finished in a powder coating to provide weather resistance. 868 fencing features twin galvanized horizontal rods 8mm in diameter, positioned either side of a 6mm diameter vertical wire. This type of design provides a robust steel fence that has the ability to withstand attack of force alongside being exceptionally difficult to cut with tools.

The mesh design also provides a clear-view through the fencing, making it a popular choice for public and government sectors.

Norscaff depots provide V-Mesh fencing available in powder coated finishes of green and black.


Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary Security Fencing

Temporary fencing panels are generally used when a re-usable, temporary fencing solution is required. Many public events, festivals and construction projects use temporary fencing to provide site security or create an enclosed / segregated area.

Temporary Fencing is easy to install, lightweight and one of the most cost-effective solutions for a short-term containment system. Manufactured from galvanized steel featuring a steel mesh infill, which provides the panels wind-resistance.

Temporary Fencing panels are stabilized using Thermo-Plastic fence feet. The fence panels are slotted into the fence feet, creating a stable base that prevents the Temporary Fencing system from collapsing. Fencing panels are quickly and easily connected using fence couplers. Anti-tamper couplers can also be used for extra security.

All Norscaff depots are fully stocked with Temporary Fencing and all required accessories, available to customers north and south of Ireland.


Crowd Control Barriers

Temporary Safety Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers also known as pedestrian barriers or safety barriers, are another type of temporary fencing. Generally used for segregation of an area.

Temporary barriers (Crowd Control Barriers) are often used a demarcation of an area within environments such as; heavily crowded areas, festivals, events, public sectors and traffic management.

Manufactured from galvanized steel designed as a safety barrier, as opposed to a security solution. The barriers are lightweight and can be easily and quickly installed, connecting together by easily slotting into one and other. Each barrier features a fully galvanized construction, with a fixed leg design that provides an easy stacking ability when storing and transporting.

Norscaff depots north and south of Ireland stock and supply crowd control barriers, at cost-competitive rates.


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