Welcome to Norscaff – Scaffolding Sales – New Website!

March 13 2017

Recently, Norscaff have decided to get rid of the old and catch up with the digital age. Presenting our company in more more modern, customer focused way, with the ability to be found on the web.

That’s not to say we don’t already provide our customers the services, scaffolding and supplies you see on our new website. we do and have done for over two decades.

However, like many within the scaffolding and construction industry, websites and digital presence are not often top of the agenda, nor is it easy to establish what you actually need and can realistically invest in.

Like many, we opted for a common low-cost, pre-made website, that would at least let our customers know who we were, what we do and where to find us.

Norscaffs New Website…

So, why have we created our all-new Norscaff website?

We’ve decided and have also been educated through associates, customers and colleagues – the digital days we live in, over 80% of customers first look online for a company to supply their demand.

The new Norscaff website, will very soon be found among many search terms our current customers use and potential new customers. Our old website, was literally just a digital business card, not having the ability to rank for various search terms, or attract new customers with a strong online presence – as it stood.

We hope our customers, associates, suppliers and new customers can clearly find what they are looking for. Alongside gain a better understanding of exactly who Norscaff are, and why we are growing into Northern Ireland and Ireland’s leading and fastest growing – scaffolding sales specialists.

Norscaff, Simplicity in Solutions, Reliability of Supply. 


Simplicity and Functionality

Norscaff believe in keeping things simple by providing our customers with exactly what they are looking for, alongside clear costs.

For that reason, we have chosen to display our scaffolding for sale as scaffolding packages.

Customers simply select the system of their preference, ticking off what they need included and send – that’s it.

Soon as we receive your order / enquiry we personally contact you confirming a total cost, delivery and assisting with anything else you may need, not shown on our website.

We’ve geared all our products in a similar way, displayed like an ecommerce shop, with brochure like functionality.

More Details

If you’d like more details on any of the scaffolding packages, scaffolding supplies or other solutions available for sale from Norscaff, contact us on – 028 8776 7126 | 028 9268 9529 or email us at; info@norscaffscaffolding.com

Norscaff operate a rapid response policy and guarantee to contact all customers within the same business day.