Northern Ireland and Ireland’s Scaffolding Sales Specialists

March 13 2017

Norscaff scaffolding sales – cost effective and competitive scaffolding for sale, fully refurbished and new scaffolding available – safety of supply guaranteed.

Norscaff are by no means a new entity, we’ve built our business into a national company with many local, national and international associates, colleagues and customers.

As we stand today, Norscaff has grown at an exceptional rate, against all odds – like most construction and scaffolding companies throughout Ireland.

As a country, Ireland has moved past the drastic downturn it faced within every part of its economy. To now be in the midst of a massive construction upturn, seen also in Northern Ireland in a smaller scale.

Norscaff began just over two decades ago, with just two brothers that had the grit and determination to provide safety of scaffolding supply – alongside reliability of supply.

We’re real people that value every customer, be that a small order of a few fittings, someone looking for advice or large orders due to set sail to other continents.

We look back and wish, like most who have lost loved ones, that they too could still be here to see what we started – having grown past our every expectation.


Scaffolding Sales with On-Demand Supply

Many companies and contractors will be more than familiar with trying to find a source to supply their demand. A demand they very well may not have had the day before, but one they need fulfilled today.

Quite often, it’s not always possible to obtain your full requirement from your regular source, stepping outside comfortable terms and familiar convenience can be daunting and timely. That’s where Norscaff come in.

Whether you’re a current customer or a new customer, we welcome all types of scaffolding supply, scaffolding sales and those looking for additional or bespoke access solutions. We provide scaffolding sales, not hire. However, our rates are highly competitive, our service is second to none and our supply is safety guaranteed, fully documented and 100% reliable.

Due to Norscaff being, Norscaff – we have a seriously strong network of highly reputable, award winning associates who support us, as we do them.

This enables us to offer our customers highly attractive prices, rapid response quotes and reliability of supply – on demand.

We’ve grown to become Ireland and Northern Ireland’s fastest growing scaffolding sales specialist over recent years, purely because we strongly believe – it helps, to help.


Fully Refurbished Scaffolding for Sale – Safety of Supply Guaranteed

Norscaff proudly supply fully refurbished, used scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and access systems. Regardless of new governing bodies short sighted view, not all of Ireland is plagued with rusted up, deadly scaffolding.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not.

We can guarantee our customers all refurbished scaffolding and scaffolding supplies available for sale from Norscaff , have been fully tested and verified to meet with all UK legislation and regulations – as set out by the HSE and ISO.


More Details

If you’d like to know about Ireland refurbished scaffolding safety concern or perhaps looking for more information on any of our scaffolding, access systems or supplies. Contact us on; 028 8776 7126 | 028 9268 9529 or email us at;

Norscaff operate a rapid response policy and guarantee to contact all customers within the same business day.