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April 12 2018

Norscaff supply a wide range of sectors and industries with a variety of standard, bespoke and large quantities scaffold systems and access solutions.

Norscaff have supplied TV production sets within Ireland for over 3 years with large quantities, bespoke orders and on-demand scaffolding solutions – suitable for access, staging and rigging requirements.

As a supplier to HBO, one of the world’s largest TV production companies, for over three years. Norscaff have the stock, supply and ability to provide cost effective access solutions suitable for film, TV, media, video and theatre sectors.


Ireland’s Scaffolding Sales Specialist

For almost two decades Norscaff have provided customers with simplistic scaffolding solutions, at competitive prices. From offshore sectors to film and events – our Belfast, Dungannon and Dublin depots are stocked, ready to supply;


Our three depots based north and south of Ireland are fully supported by a direct deliveries division, with next day and UK delivery available to customers, location dependant.


Scaffolding for Film Sets and TV Productions

Scaffolding to most is just a mass of metal used within construction sites. Many fail to see past the sometimes-unsightly structures we see in public.

Those within the film and production industry will understand, scaffolding can often act as a well needed skelton to support, provide bespoke-type rigging or staging solutions.

Typical and popular types of scaffolding used within film, tv and production sectors is traditional tube and fitting scaffolds and Kwikstage.


Tube and Fitting Scaffolds

This type of scaffolding can often provide more spherical flexibility, catering for round structures easier than system scaffolds such as Kwikstage can.

Tube and fitting systems require far more ability to install, than system scaffolds do. Tube and fitting systems can offer more flexibility, than system scaffolds can. However, do take longer to install.

Tube and fitting scaffolds are more commonly used within these sectors due to the level of flexibility the system provides, having far more ability to cater for complex geometries. 


Kwikstage System Scaffolding 

Kwikstage is one of those modern evolutions, that does the same job as traditional tube and fitting scaffolds, however takes far less time to install and is easier to use.

Like many things in life, convenience generally comes with some sort of consequence!

Kwikstage is “quick” to install and re-assemble when needed, but does lack the spherical flexibility traditional tube and fitting systems provide.

Kwikstage is cost effective and an ideal solution for projects with standard access requirements. 


Scaffolding for Theatre and Events

Scaffolding within many industries acts like a skeleton, providing the support or access required – for theatre, events and even the arts industries.

We provide a range of cost effective solutions, suitable for a wide range of sectors within the film, TV and media production industries. From scaffolding to provide support, or bespoke types of access for a TV or production sets, to temporary fencing and events barriers.


Temporary Fencing


Temporary fencing supplied by Norscaff is also commonly used within many construction sites and public events.

This type of temporary fencing is a single unit, manufactured from galvanised steel, featuring a galvanised steel mesh infill, designed to eliminate wind resistance. Each temporary fencing panel is connected using anti-tamper couplers or couplers.


Event Barriers Fied Leg Barriers

Norscaff supply customers temporary crowd control barriers also known as pedestrian barriers. This type of temporary barrier system is composed of single fixed leg units.

Each crowd control barrier has the ability to be stacked, permitting ease of transportation and storage, manufactured from high strength, fully galvanised steel.


Get a Quote

If you’d like a quote for any of the scaffolding systems we supply, or have a specific type of access – that requires the right type of scaffolding, contact Norscaff on – 028 8776 7126 or email us at –


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